Take A Different Route

Another great piece from my colleague Debbie:-

3459302692On the way home from visiting family on Sunday, a sign flashed up on the motorway that there were long delays on our route home. My husband and I looked at each other in frustration. It was already getting late and we were, or so we thought, keen to get home. I mentioned that there was a route we could take if we came off the motorway at an earlier junction, but I was not exactly sure of the way. We had, of course, left our sat nav at home, and had no map book in the car. Taking this diversion would be a real venture into the unknown.

He asked me whether I thought we should sit in the traffic, or take the other route. I thought about it. Sitting in traffic would be safe in one respect. We would know where we were going and would eventually get to our destination, albeit later than we had planned. However, I knew it would also be frustrating and uncomfortable sat in a car on a hot night, not moving or going very slowly.

On the other hand, if we took a different route, we might get lost or end up driving in circles. I was scared thinking about driving along unknown roads and we might still get to our destination later than intended (or worse, not at all!)

After consideration I told him to take the unknown route. It was a pleasant night, we didn’t really have to rush home and at least we would be moving. As I drove, we started to enjoy the scenery and saw places we had never seen before. We laughed and had a pleasant chat as we carried on and suddenly the time we got to our destination became less important. We made the most of the journey and before we knew it, we were home. Roughly at the same time we had originally hoped to be and with higher spirits then we might have been had we been sat in a car not moving for an hour.

As I reflected, I realised that sometimes we do not take a different route on our journeys, whatever they are in our lives, because we are scared of the unknown. Yet, we often get frustrated, uncomfortable and angry with the ‘safe and known’ path. As scared as we might be, if we don’t take a different path, what opportunities are we missing out on? How much more pleasant might our journey be?

So, if you are stuck going nowhere slowly, why not take a different route and who knows what might happen?



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One Response to Take A Different Route

  1. Laurie Cappe says:

    A very excellent thought. It could apply to the: I’m comfortable in this job fear to applying for a new job; This home fits us like a glove, pending a move; A personal goal etc. Thank you for sharing

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