Carpe Diem

I smile to myself when I see Facebook postings commenting on the weather saying that the writer can’t do anything because it’s raining or too cold, too hot, too whatever. Equally the posts that complain that it’s five days until Friday and they can’t wait until it comes around.  I don’t know about you as you read this, but I live in Scotland where we can get all four seasons in one day quite regularly and the only certain thing about the weather is that it is going to change. Also when I last looked at the calendar it had seven days in a week quite monotonously year after year.

So why put off life and all that it offers because of the rain or it’s too hot? Or wish your life to disappear in the blink of an eye until it’s Friday again in the belief that all joy and happiness occur between 5.00pm on the fifth day and bedtime on Sunday – although if you were to read Facebook again you could easily be forgiven for thinking the world ended sometime Sunday afternoon. We cease to live our lives to the full because of trivial circumstances that really do not stop us experiencing and enjoying life and I cannot help but think of Stephen Sutton, the young man in England who recently died of cancer, who let nothing, not even lying in a hospital bed in his last days stop him from achieving his dreams.

I often hear my clients tell me “I’ll do it (their dream) when I’m thin, sober, divorced, in a relationship, I have time, etc… etc…” and my instinct is to shake them and tell them to do it now! But only they can discover that for themselves, maybe with a little prompting to be sure. And before anyone points the finger at me, I’ll put my hand up and say “Yes, I fall into this trap too.” because I do. But I’ve taken a view that I live where I do, the weather isn’t endless sunshine and never will be and every one of the seven days of the week is for living. I also accept that some days I’ll forget that and bitch and moan like everyone else. We do have one firm rule in this house though, if it’s a sunny day, chores can wait and we get outside and enjoy it. The laundry and washing up don’t need any special weather to be done.

So get a coat if it’s cold and wet, put on some sunblock and grab a hat if that yellow thing is in the sky, don’t sit in front of the TV all night just because it’s Tuesday and stop worrying that you’re not perfect and that you’re not ready to do the stuff that makes you happy. Make every day count because you’ll never be ready if you carry on waiting and worrying and let’s face it, today could be your last.

humpdayAnd honestly, if you really hate Monday to Friday that much, perhaps it’s time to think about changing your job. Happy Humpday!

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2 Responses to Carpe Diem

  1. Laurie Cappe says:

    What an inspirational young man, thanks for sharing Mark. Thanks for you post, very true.

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