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Take A Different Route

Another great piece from my colleague Debbie:- On the way home from visiting family on Sunday, a sign flashed up on the motorway that there were long delays on our route home. My husband and I looked at each other … Continue reading

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The Man Who Lived With Fear

Once upon a time there was a man who lived in a small village. He lived on his own in a large house since he was divorced and his children had grown up and had homes and families of their … Continue reading

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When Calories Don’t Count

  Or a weight manager’s guide to miscommunication By Deborah Cripps Over the last three years, I have worked with hundreds of clients to help them lose, and maintain, weight through lifestyle change. A lot of the work I do … Continue reading

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The Lure Of Forbidden Fruit

Many of you who read my blog know that a large part of my counselling work is with people learning to manage their weight. I wrote this piece for a newsletter after returning from a trip to Spain earlier this … Continue reading

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Carpe Diem

I smile to myself when I see Facebook postings commenting on the weather saying that the writer can’t do anything because it’s raining or too cold, too hot, too whatever. Equally the posts that complain that it’s five days until … Continue reading

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The Fairy Tale Ending

Once upon a time there was a man who met a woman and they fell in love and made a home together. Everyone who knew them thought they had the perfect life. But for very complicated reasons it didn’t work … Continue reading

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I Don’t Have Time To Cook…

Many of my clients excuse their poor food choices on their belief that they do not have time to cook and therefore they have to rely on pre-prepared shop bought alternatives. Now this is absolutely not a criticism of them … Continue reading

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